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Hello Church Family!

As I am praying for you today, I want you to know that God delights in YOU! Not because you are part of a mass of people that he loves, not because he ‘has to’ love you, but He made you as a masterpiece and to watch you live for him, and worship him, and even step out of your comfort zone and learn new ways of serving him, he delights in how he made you! How do I know that? 
"The Lord your God is with you,
the Mighty Warrior who saves.
He will take great delight in you;
in his love he will no longer rebuke you,
but will rejoice over you with singing.” Zephaniah 3:17



We are excited to announce that our NEW website launches tomorrow, March 1. You can find it at This will be a very important and useful source of information for you and your family, and also a great way to connect us to people in our city that are looking for a church family. It is a very dynamic site with lots of information for people, but will also be growing and evolving to meet our needs. Any feedback you may have to help us make the site even better would be great. Also remember you can connect with us as well on Facebook at


This weekend we will be hosting a team from Undercurrent Youth Centre in Glace Bay AND Sydney NS. They will be helping us host an outreach at the Bathurst Youth Centre from 4-6pm Saturday called UNPLUGGED. We are looking to reach out to as many teens as we can for this event, so if you know any teenagers, please help us get the word out. The team will also be with us SUNDAY for the morning service AND the Goodbye Generation Seminar Sunday night. We want to raise the level of conversation in our city about how to reach teens with the message of Jesus!


We want to thank you for your engagement with the nomination process for our board elections. Our Annual Meeting will be on March 13th at 7pm. We hope you can plan to be there as we will be sharing important information about the direction of Evangel in the days to come. It is important that we are all a part of this process. If you are NOT an official member, you ARE still welcome to the meeting, but just will not be able to vote. 

KIDS J.A.M. (Jesus and Me)

March 21, we are launching a test run for 3 months of a mid-week kids program that is intended to reach unchurched children in the city and their families. Please be praying for the team as they prepare for this. 


If you are reading through the Bible with us, you will likely be starting the book of Numbers tomorrow (March 1st). Here is a link to a video that gives an introduction to the themes of this book of the Bible:
God bless your week!
Pastor Andrew