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Hello and God bless!

This morning, I was reading in Numbers 11 about the people of Israel grumbling about the food they were eating - the Manna - because in Egypt they had meat and spices and all kinds of food. They were willing to go back to slavery because they wanted the pleasures that came with it. It is not so different today. People are willing to enslave themselves to all kinds of things because of the momentary pleasure that comes with it. I am reminded that sometimes, when we walk through the desert experiences of our lives, it is because God is trying to retrain our appetites. He not only wants to get us out of Egypt (slavery of sin), but He needs to get the Egypt out of us. Thank God that He is more committed to our transformation than our short attention spans allow us to be! 
It was SO good to have Dave Sawler and the team of young adults from Undercurrent in Glace Bay with us this weekend. If you missed the Sunday evening seminar, it was encouraging to see 6 different churches represented in those who attended, and it was a significant part of the conversation that needs to continue among the churches in our city of how we will reach the teens in this region. Dave was able to get to 4 keys of churches that have a lasting impact on teens and young adults: 
1. Make room for them to be involved in serving in ministry
2. Make opportunities for them to have encounters with God
3. Make opportunities for adults to ‘adopt’ them as spiritual parents to disciple and encourage them
4. Creat a safe space for them to explore their faith without judgment
Pray for us as we look at ways to step into this area of ministry in more strategic ways!
Coming up:
  • Annual Business Meeting: Tuesday March 13. Annual reports were available Sunday and can be picked up any time. Please look them over and ask questions about things you don’t understand to the appropriate department ahead of time to minimize questions needed at the meeting. Also, please read through the minutes of last meetings so that they will not need to be read out loud at the meeting, saving us time as well. 
  • Seniors Dinner will be on Tuesday March 20
  • GOOD FRIDAY - we will be having a Good Friday service at 10am. It will be a ONE HOUR service of scripture reading, communion, and music to honour the events leading up to the death of our Lord on the cross. 
  • EASTER SUNDAY - We will be celebrating the resurrection of our Lord together with special musical guests Golden Harmony. This group, led by Jacy Golden mixes southern gospel and contemporary music in a way that will minister to all. Be sure to invite people to hear the message of the gospel in music and preaching! 
For those following our scripture reading, here are links to two videos which will give an overview of the book of Romans, which you would have started this week.