Mission Statement: 

We exist to EXALT God in everything, ENGAGE people with the Gospel, EQUIP people as followers of Christ, and EMPOWER everyone for ministry.

Vision Statement: 

How do we plan to carry out our mission?

Exalt/ We will intentionally cultivate an atmosphere in our worship services that welcomes and honours the presence of God by His Holy Spirit. We will seek to be led by Him in all that we do. And when all is said and done, HE alone gets the glory for the good things that happen here!

Engage/ We will be both a GO-ing church and an inviting church. We will intentionally cutlivate a missional atmosphere to carry the hope of God in Christ to everyone we can, those in the church and those in our city. 

Equip/ Through intentional relationships, practical teaching, and a loving commitment to one another, we will help each other grow and develop as followers of Jesus to be more like Him. Because this only happens in an atmosphere of love and trust, we will intentionally cultivate such an atmosphere at our church. 

Empower/ God has a purpose and a ministry for everyone. We will intentionally cultivate an atmosphere of faith that sees beyond where people are now to where God is taking them. We will help people find and live their God-dream so they can change the world. 

Core Values

Presence of God/ We believe God wants to meet with His people and this is a primary reason He asks us to gather. We want to foster an atmosphere that He loves to inhabit.  

Practical, Anointed Teaching/ We believe that God’s word is life-giving and that as we declare it in the power of the Spirit, in culturally relevant ways, lives are changed.  

Spiritual Maturity/ We believe that we are called to equip and encourage people to grow and mature in their faith and become more like Christ.  

Gift-based Ministry/ We believe that every believer has a call from God to serve according to the unique gifts He has put in their lives. We want to help empower them to do so. 

Being on Mission/ We believe God loves lost people and this is the very reason He has placed us in this city. We have a mission to share the message of God’s love with those who have yet to experience it in our region and in strategic places around the world.   

Relational Christianity/ We believe that God is a relational God and relationships are at the core of what it means to follow Christ. We want to help each other become mature and healthy in all of our relationships.  

Next Generation/ We believe that every generation is called to show and tell the next generation of the goodness of God and to see them released into their God-given destiny.  

Revival Culture/ We believe that God wants his people to be continually renewed in their relationship with Him, and we want to be a community of believers that never stops pursuing the best God has for us through humility and repentance.